Be Prepared. For the Best Day Ever


This is the only Bridal Kit you will need, it has everything.


The Bridal Emergency Kit is a bridal personal care kit and emergency essential for the bride or bridesmaid. Leave it to the day of the wedding to ruin your dress with a stain, or forget to floss, or even run out of makeup wipes. Get rid of wedding prep nightmares and carry this kit on the day of. This kit is full of little essentials to save the big day. Plus, it turns out to be a great makeup bag later in time..

Contents of the bag: Cotton Swabs, Bobby Pins
Bandaids, Tampon, Earing Backs, Makeup Remover Wipes, Mosquito Repellent Wipes, Stain Removing Wipes, Deodorant Wipes, Double Sided Tape, Tissue Pack, Dental Floss, Pain Reliever Tablets, Mini Sewing Kit, Safety Pins, Emery Board, Elastic Bands, Beauty Wedge, Applicator, Breath Mints

I am so glad I purchased the Kit days before my wedding
— Johnson, Andrea
It has everything I needed in it
— Capaccio, Maria
Very cute! Had everything and more to make sure I’m prepared on my wedding day!
— Place, Shaney
Perfect kit for the bride!!! Love it!
— Dowling, Connie

Save the day. Get a #911kitbyray